Senior Pictures Nampa Idaho | Miss C

Miss C, thank you for letting us take your senior pictures.  I was at first a little skeptical about shooting in a harvested wheat field, but they turned out great.

Senior Photos Fruitland Idaho | Miss L | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

Miss L thank you for allowing us to take your senior pictures this last week down by the river near Parma Idaho.  We are so thankful that the weather turned out perfect for us and you did an amazing job.

Senior Photos Caldwell Idaho | Mr. G | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

Who would’ve thought the desert could look so cool?  Mr. G we really enjoyed taking your senior photos up on the Owyhee River near Fruitland Idaho.

Senior Photos Meridian Idaho | Miss P | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

We didn’t have a lot of time for this Fruitland Idaho photo shoot so we were only able to get a couple of head shots of Miss P, but it is obvious that she looks good on camera.  Great work today, you were a wonderful subject.

Eagle Idaho Wedding Photographers | Mr. and Mrs. H | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

What a beautiful Meridian Temple wedding Mr. and Mrs. H.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day to shoot your wedding photos.  From the warm weather to the soft skies, it was a photographic bonanza.  Thank you so much for letting us take photos of your wedding and reception.  There were so many precious moments we enjoyed being a part of and we absolutely loved how the photos turned out and think you will too.  May God bless you to have a wonderful life together.

Boise Idaho Wedding Photographer | Mr. and Mrs. L | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

Natural Light Photography | KandM Photography
Natural Light Photography | KandM Photography

By the time we finished with this wedding photo shoot at the Boise Idaho LDS Temple, we felt like we were friends.  Thank you guys so much for allowing us to capture your memories and participate in such an amazing wedding.

Nampa Idaho Senior Picture Photographers |

Boise Idaho Wedding Photographers | Mr. and Mrs. W | KandM Photographer

Thank you for allowing us to come and take pictures of your Parma Idaho wedding reception.  It’s couples like you that make our job so enjoyable.  Your family’s back yard made such a beautiful background for photographing a reception.  Thanks again.

Eagle Idaho Senior Pictures | Miss H | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

Such an awesome spunky senior during her senior photo shoot in downtown Boise Idaho.  We had such a blast until I almost ended up in throw up.

Boise Senior Pictures | Miss A | KandM Photography 541-212-8477


Anna you were such an awesome subject for your senior photo shoot in Fruitland Idaho.  We look forward to working you again.

Boise Wedding Photographers | R+B Wedding



We were only able to spend an hour taking photos of this beautiful Vale Oregon wedding, but we captured a few that we absolutely loved.

Boise Idaho Senior Photography | Mr. M | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

What a great day to shoot senior pictures and such a perfect backdrop with fall colors.  Thanks for letting us take your senior photos Mr. M.  We hope you like them as much as we did taking them.

Senior Photos Nampa Idaho | Miss M | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

This senior photo shoot was down by the river and thank goodness it was the perfect setting.  Miss M we’re so glad the photos turned out great.  You were such an awesome and fun subject to work with.

Senior Photos Fruitland Idaho | Mr. W | KandM Photography 541-212-8477

Mr. W thought he would look better not smiling during his senior photo shoot today and I have to say he looks pretty tough, but we did get one good one of him smiling.